Dawnfresh appeal the refusal of the Argyll and Bute Council to permit further expansion at Etive 6

You may have been notified by the Argyll and Bute Council that Dawnfresh Farming Limited has submitted an appeal to Scottish Ministers against the decision of the Council in February of this year to refuse to grant planning permission for two more cages at Etive 6 fish farm on Loch Etive. That decision followed a very well-attended planning hearing in Oban at which Friends of Loch Etive (FoLE) and other objectors persuaded local councillors to reject the expansion plans.

Please note that all your earlier objections to the initial application will be forwarded and available to the Reporter who deals with the appeal on behalf of Scottish Ministers and so there is absolutely no need to repeat your objections. In fact it‘s important that you don’t.

FoLE will be submitting a detailed response to the Appeal Statement put in by Dawnfresh, which is available on the DPEA website – see https://www.dpea.scotland.gov.uk/CaseDetails.aspx?id=117474. The DPEA will also publish our submission in due course.

What do you need to do?

Nothing at the moment

Only if there are further or additional matters which you did not mention in your earlier objections should you do anything. And only if they are relevant to the planning appeal, should you make further submissions. Otherwise don’t do anything just now.

Remember that the Reporter will take into account your earlier objections, so you do not need to repeat them.

If you have any queries at all, we will try to assist, but please note that the deadline for the submission of any further representations to the DPEA is 8th June 2016.

Dawnfresh also appeals SEPA refusal to allow more farmed fish on Loch Awe

At the same time, Dawnfresh has also appealed against the effective refusal of SEPA to grant them an increase in biomass at the two freshwater farms on Loch Awe. FoLE has made detailed representations to SEPA concerning the phosphorus pollution of Loch Awe from discharges from the fish farms and it is our firm belief that rather than expanding the two farms on Loch Awe, SEPA should now be requiring stricter limits on polluting discharges from the existing farms, as required by European law. Again, FoLE’s objection to the appeal launched by Dawnfresh will be published in due course, also on the DPEA website. See https://www.dpea.scotland.gov.uk/CaseDetails.aspx?id=117437 and https://www.dpea.scotland.gov.uk/CaseDetails.aspx?id=117438

Heads up – more applications expected shortly!

Dawnfresh hasn’t yet got the message that enough is enough. Over the medium term, we are expecting yet further planning applications from Dawnfresh on Loch Etive to try to expand two other farms at Etive 3 (Port na Mine) and Etive 4 (Airds Bay). We will let you know the moment those appear online.

In the meantime, many thanks for your continued support.